Sunday, June 19, 2011

In honor of Father's Day...

Since it's Father's Day, I thought I would share this rather touching father and son story that has always been something of an inspiration to me:

On Father's Day, Jesus and God decide to spend the day together and they start with a round of golf.  It being Father's Day, Jesus gives God the honors.  God tees up and just bangs it...big hitter, God...but he hooks it off towards the trees.  Just as Jesus is about to say, "Nice one there, Shankosaurus," a powerful wind comes up and starts whipping the tree branches around.  One of the branches knocks God's ball back onto the fairway.  A squirrel runs out on the fairway, grabs the ball, and starts scampering into the rough with it.  Just as the squirrel reaches the edge of the fairway, an eagle swoops down and snatches the squirrel up in its talons.  The eagle flies down the fairway, clutching its prey, who still has a death grip on God's ball.  As the eagle flies over the green, it drops the squirrel, who carries the ball over to the hole and drops it in.  God turns to Jesus and says, "I guess you can put me down for one."

Jesus looks at God and says, "Are we playing golf here or are you just going to fuck around?"

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  1. HEH! I liked it because it had a helpful squirrel in it. Squirrels are so very helpful.