Sunday, May 8, 2011

A fashion!

I am in need of fashion advice and what better way to get it than ask anonymous strangers on the Internet.  So here goes...

The Background
For my 50th birthday, the redhead gave me a diamond stud.  This was completely unexpected and not something I had ever even thought about having, but there it was.  In truth, the gift was both a birthday present and memento of my recent transition from a techie gearhead slaving away in the military-industrial complex to an owner/operator of a kite store.  So I thought about it and then thought about it some more and then went and got my (left) ear pierced.  Yes, that would have been me, in line with a bunch of tweeners getting our ears pierced.  Yeah.

They say that if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans and my "retirement" lasted an entire month as it seems the military-industrial complex was not done with me.  In any case, I returned to the techie gearhead world newly accessorized:
Representation of my diamond stud in situ.  The presence of the cows in the background is unexplained.
The Dilemma
Fast forward seven years.  My left ear, as some of you know, still looks like the above picture.  Then, for a recent anniversary, the redhead decides that my accessorization needs an upgrade:
Fashion accessory V2.0.  Again, the presence of the cow in the background is unexplained.
A pirate earring.  Yes, it's a pirate earring, but Captain Jack Sparrow never had one made out of freaking titanium!  Yeah, that's aerospace-quality, forged titanium decorating my earlobe there.  Dang cool, right?  Did I mention that it's titanium?  Having said that, I'm thinking that the military-industrial complex may not be ready for pirate chic, but my 21st century fashion sense may not be entirely up to date (Note: Most of my "wardrobe" carries a Hamilton Carhartt label).

So, here's your chance to weigh in and help shape the Squirrely look of the future.  Discrete stud or flamboyant titanium earring?


  1. I gotta go with titanium cool. To me, it says, "Here's a guy who knows what titanium is." Srsly, I like that look.

  2. Feel free to tell people that it's rare and precious Unobtainium.

  3. Both...switch them out on occasion!

  4. Go with the Ti until you can get one made out of know, so you can use it to burn through a lock or blow up a car during your international playboy master spy activities....

  5. They're both awesome but the titanium is...TITANIUM! How cool! So I have to give that one my vote.

  6. Titanium for daywear, diamond for nighttime. Just remember, your ears can never be overdressed no matter which.

  7. I'm liking Delmer's idea of a magnesium earring, fashionable AND pyrotechnic. However, until those become available, the decision has been made: Diamond during the week and for "professional" activities and titanium the rest of the time.

    Thank you all for your input.