Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More bad vacation ideas...

In my on-going efforts to stay abreast of bad vacation choices, even incipient ones, I have come across this story: Take a Volcano Vacation.  Well, sure...who doesn't have a hankerin' to see molten lava spewing hundreds of feet into the air?  However, let's review this "tempting" offer:
  1. It's in the Congo.
  2. It's Nyiragongo, referred to by Forbes as "the world's deadliest volcano."
  3. It's an actively erupting volcano.
  4. Armed escorts are required.
  5. Reread #4: Armed escorts are required.
But, not to worry..."experts" say that it is perfectly "safe."



  1. Perfectly safe for them, because you probably won't survive to sue them.

  2. #4 Armed escorts are required...

    To paraphrase one of my favorite book quotes, "Will they aim at my enemy?"