Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tone deaf...

Here's our president in Iowa yesterday.  What's that behind him?  Pallets.  Stacks and stacks of pallets.  Apparently, our president - and no one in his entourage - appreciates the significance of this back drop.  Here's a clue, Mr. President:  Out here in the real world, beyond the bubble of the Washington Beltway that you and the rest of this country's pampered political class live in, pallets are used to ship stuff.  All kinds of stuff.  Food, clothing, machine tools, television sets, windows, toilet paper, paint, detergent, newsprint...all the stuff of commerce, at one point or another, was sitting on pallet in a truck or a rail car being shipped from Point A to Point B.  So what's with all those empty pallets behind you, Mr. President?  Here's another clue:  They are there because nobody is shipping "stuff" and nobody is shipping "stuff" because no one is buying "stuff."  Since no one is buying "stuff," other people are not even making "stuff" to ship.  I find it hard to believe that your administration is so clueless as to stage a photo-op in front of such a clear symbol of the wrecked economy you're presiding over, but there it is...

You want more symbols, Mr. President?  Drive west on I-10 out of Phoenix, get off at the Salome Road exit, and drive up through Bouse towards Parker.  See all those miles and miles of freight cars sitting on sidings out there in the middle of nowhere?  They're there for the same reason all those empty pallets are stacked behind you in Iowa.  Stage a photo op there.

For a different type of photo op, head north up to Flagstaff.  Stop in at the Lumberyard Brewing Company there.  Nice place.  Have a seat in the outdoor patio, order a beer, and have lunch.  You could even have a press conference there, but I wouldn't suggest it.  You see, the Lumberyard is right next to railroad tracks and every 10 minutes, you'd be interrupted by a freight train passing.  Freight trains hauling nothing but shipping containers, stacked two high.  Shipping containers with names like "Hanjin" and "Yuan" on them.  Shipping containers filled with "stuff" - on pallets, of course - made in places with names like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Baoding, and Fengxian.  Full shipping containers headed east, empty shipping containers (and pallets) headed west for Long Beach and then by boat back to Shanghai.  Yeah...there's a picture for your campaign, Mr. President.

But, be that as it may, enjoy your vacation.  I certainly don't begrudge you your ten days off.  After all, tens of millions of Americans have been taking way, way more time off than that lately...only outside of the Beltway, we call it "unemployment."

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  1. You nailed it dude.

    BTW Mr. President, enjoy your umpteenth vacation. I did get to take a three day weekend, but at least I have a job.

    I listened to the speech and he talks about investing in Green energy and getting off foreign oil so we aren't "Held Hostage". Green jobs will create jobs etc...


    You want to make jobs and get off being held hostage. START F-ING DRILLING FOR OIL!

    In the Gulf, in Texas, in Alaska, in North Dakota. People will get to work, oil prices will drop.

    Also, yeah we need infrastructure development, only not roads and bridges, but how about REFINERIES?

    We have lost the edge in manufacturing but dang it we could move into the oil and gas market and get the economy rolling again.

    You want to stop the subsidies for Big Oil. Go ahead, I completely agree. Just lift the bans you have on them drilling. Oh, and by the way, get rid of the Green Subsidies as well.

    Most of us aren't stupid enough to think an electric car is going to save us crap. I KNOW there are not going to be FREE places in plug in and charge up.

    All I have to says is GRRRRRRR.